Bronze Memorials

Bronze memorials offer a lasting tribute in an ageless material proved to withstand the test of time. Customized to your family’s taste and budget, bronze memorials offer a respectful alternative to granite memorialization. Just as there are many choices for most decisions made in life, today's memorialization options are diverse.

Bronze memorial personalization options include floral designs, emblems, borders as well as photo montages. Designed with a protective coating, bronze memorials are practically impervious to rust and corrosion and will maintain their luster for years to come. Sizes range from a 24 x 14 single memorial to 16 x 24 and 44 x 14 companion memorials. All are mounted on a granite base and installed flush to the ground.

Granite Memorials

Granite memorials offer families a lasting, durable tribute. Older cemeteries may feature memorials made from marble, but granite is less porous and more resistant to staining.

A purely igneous rock, granite is composed of three elements: Feldspar, the most abundant material in colors ranging from white to pink and orange; Quartz, which varies from clear to dull grey; and finally Biotite which consists of the black and brown grains or other colors.

Many styles, colors and designs are available to enable a family to adequately express their love for the family member being memorialized. Color choices may come from as close as Vermont and Georgia to as far away as Africa and Norway.

As in bronze memorials, granite allows for options once not available, such as emblems, laser etchings, polishes, unique shapes and customized shapes. Letter styles range from simple sandblasting to carved, v-sunk, polished and raised letters in countless fonts such as Roman, Gothic, Old English and Script. Sandblasting allows for letters to be crafted in other languages such as Hebrew, Farsi, Chinese and Korean. Lithochrome paint may be added for a variety of color choices.

Slant Memorials

A slant memorial fills the void between a flush or bevel marker and an upright monument. Slants, often referred to as a wedge due to their unique shape, rise slightly above the ground surface. This makes reading the marker easier as a granite base can be mounted under the slant marker itself giving added dimension. The sides and top of a slant memorial may be flat or shaped.

Grass & Bevel Memorials

Just as bronze memorials come in many shapes and sizes, so do grass memorials. A grass memorial refers to a flat piece of granite that lies flush to the ground, while a bevel memorial has a slight upward slope. Both of these granite styles serve the purpose of commemorating the life of a loved one special to those who remain behind.