John Tyrie & Son offers restoration and cleaning of monuments and grass memorials at an affordable price. Over time, environmental factors often cause mold or discoloration of limestone, granite and marble surfaces, resulting in a green or blackish patina. Our experts are skilled in determining the type of material, the condition of the stone and the appropriate course of action when restoring a monument to a nearly “ new” appearance while preserving the life of the granite. Cleaning agents are carefully selected as to not cause further damage or abrasion.

Additionally, monuments and memorials may settle over time. Foundations may crack or erode, and in rare cases, a monument may fall over due to improper setting, vandalism or factors beyond one’s control. We have at our disposal an experienced craftsman who specializes in the repair of broken, sunken or unstable monuments. Monuments may be moved to repair a weak or non-existent foundation. John Tyrie & Son will stabilize the base and foundation, returning the monument to an upright position.