The preference for cremation has increased rapidly in recent years and is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. The desire to reduce our ecological footprint is an important concept for younger generations wanting to be interred near loved ones. Additionally, the relaxation of religious tenants that once prohibited cremation as a burial alternative now allows for cremation inurnment. Older cemeteries may not be configured for this type of burial or may have ground limitations.

John Tyrie & Son provides conceptualization and planning of cremation gardens for cemeteries wanting to accommodate future generations. We will assist in the installation of cremation niches or wall units, benches, pedestals or columbaria. Cremation gardens welcome not only placement of cremated remains but also memorialization of those inurned elsewhere. Families may purchase private units while religious organizations may install community pieces to accept the placement of its members. Plantings and walkways may be added to further enhance the cremation area.