Families often do not know where to begin when selecting memorialization for their loved one. Our John Tyrie & Son Design Consultant is here to guide your family through this sometimes emotionally challenging task. To assist in making this decision easier, one must consider the following:

granite colors
  • Whom is this monument or memorial for? What were their interests, passions, hobbies?
  • What type of person was he or she? Simple and understated? Outgoing with a zeal for life? Artistic, athletic, musically inclined?
  • What were their favorite colors?
  • Do you want to bring floral tributes so that a vase would be appropriate?

Granite comes in many shapes, colors and sizes. Styles range from a simple flush mount grass marker to an elaborate upright traditional monument. Tailor your purchase based on the person for whom the memorial is for based on your budget, taste and comfort level.

Check with your local cemetery for restrictions as to size, color or design. As a consumer, you may select your memorial from any reputable dealer, such as John Tyrie & Son. We will assist you in navigating the sometimes complex rules and regulations regarding the type of memorialization allowed in each cemetery. Rules can and do vary widely between privately held vs. corporate entities.