When a loved one passes, inscriptions including their name, dates and/or emblems are needed in order to finalize their monument or memorial. Often times a family elects to have only the deceased person’s name and dates inscribed on the monument at the time of death. If purchased in advance, a monument or memorial with just a family name inscription with room to add names at a later date is ideal.

John Tyrie & Son utilizes a highly skilled sandblast artisan to take a rubbing of the monument, create a stencil from which to work and then sandblast the inscriptions onto the granite monument. This work is quite complex, requiring favorable weather – absent of rain, snow or extreme temperatures. Sandblasting is only performed during certain times of the year in order to prevent damage or cracking of the material.

Please contact us to arrange for a quote for the completion of your loved one’s monument or memorial. We are able to provide inscriptions in any cemetery in the greater Baltimore area.